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What types of materials can be used for imprinting a company logo on giveaway items?  Just about anything!  Whether it's textiles, metal, wood, or plastic, we can really decorate just about any material.  The type of material will determine the decoration method(s) available.  For instance, a shirt might be screen printed or embroidered, while metal may only be laser engraved. 


What is the best method for imprinting a company logo on different types of materials?  That will be determined by the material itself.  Screen printing and embroidery are most common on fabric, though some thicker fabrics (like fleece) can be laser decorated.  Metal, wood and plastic are most often screen printed or laser engraved.  If you need a full color imprint, then a digital imprint may be utilized.  Click here for our blog article describing various types of imprint methods.


How many colors can be used in a company logo imprint, and is there an additional cost for using multiple colors?  This really depends on the product.  Some products can ONLY accommodate a single color imprint, or maybe just a few colors.  While other products can accommodate a full color imprint with endless color/gradient possibilities.  Typically if we do a screen print, it’s considered “spot” color and there is an additional cost beyond the first color, plus a setup for each color.  If we utilize a digital full color imprint, then there are no added fees for multiple colors, but the item itself may cost more.


Can I see a sample of the imprint before placing a large order?  YES!  There are 2 ways that we do this.  Unless we’re completing a rush order, a virtual proof will be provided for your approval prior to production.  Pre-production physical samples are often also available at an additional charge.  For very large orders, some products will automatically come with a pre-production physical sample.


How long does it take to complete an order for imprinted giveaway items?  Though it depends greatly on the specific product you choose, on average, 7-10 business days after proof, plus shipping.  We have some items that can be produced in as little as 24 hours, or if doing a large order overseas, up to 120 days.  


What is the minimum quantity that can be ordered for imprinted giveaway items?  Once again, this depends on the product you choose.  We do have some products that have as low as a single piece minimum.  A good rule of thumb is that the more budget-friendly the item, the higher the minimum.  Average minimums are between 100-250 pieces.  Apparel generally starts with 12-24 piece minimums.


What is the cost per item including the imprint?  This is going to vary greatly depending on the product you choose and the artwork that you want to print (single color vs. multi-color vs. full color).  We can work with your budget to help you find the best product that works with your imprint.  As a general rule, most pricing on our website includes a 1 color, 1 location imprint unless otherwise specified.


Can I provide my own artwork or design for the imprint? YES!  We do not do design work in-house, so you will need to provide us with your artwork in a vector-based file.  This includes .ai, .eps and sometimes PDF (if the original art was created using a vector-based design program).  If you do not have your art in vector format, we can outsource it to a graphic designer for conversion (with some limitations). Click here for a great, simple explanation of the difference between raster (low resolution) file and a true vector file.


Why does vector art need to be saved as lines instead of text?  Vector art is created using a series of lines and dots.  The program then knows where those should go to create the images and text.  When art is saved as text, any text that's in the art will come through as fonts instead of lines.  If the person opening the art doesn't have the same font sets as the person that created the art, the program will try to substitute with a font that the opener DOES have, which distorts the art.  If the entire art piece is saved as lines, then the program will read those lines and not only know how to create the images, but it will also know how to create the letters (in the desired font) in the text.


Do you offer rush production for imprinted giveaway items?  YES!  We do have some products that can be completed on rush.  These items are limited to a 1 color imprint, NO proof and a rush fee.  We do still need time to ship, but we can upgrade that as well for a fee.


What do I need to have ready for a rush order?  You will need to have vector-based art in a single color, delivery information to a single location including any suite numbers, attention, etc., and the desired in-hands date so that we know what method of shipping will be required.  


Are there any extra fees or charges for setting up the imprint?  Most of our products do require a setup fee.  We have some that don’t, but typically that will be on higher priced items and that selection is very limited.  


Do I have to pay a setup charge on every order?  Many of our products have a waived or reduced setup fee for exact repeat orders that are placed within a certain timeframe (usually 18-24 months) from the original order.  We can help you find products that have a reduced or waived setup if you think it will be a product that you’ll want to reorder.


Can you ship my order to multiple locations?  YES!  Most of our products can be shipped to multiple locations for an added fee.  If drop-shipping to individual addresses is necessary, we would need to determine the feasibility of that on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.


Can you ship internationally?  Some products can be shipped outside of the United States, while others cannot.  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.  


Are size charts available for your apparel products?  YES!  We have size charts for all of our products.  Here is just one example.   Once you choose the apparel products you're interested in, we can provide you with any sizing charts you may need.


Can you kit items together?  YES!  However, not all products are available for kitting, and not all projects are suitable for kitting, so this is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.

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